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Moving Tips

Just a few things to help you organize your move from the start:
1. Pack an overnight bag containing all your essentials, so they will be at easy reach after all the moving.
2. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into.
3. Wrap all your fragile items in cushion to prevent them from being damaged during transportation or let our movers do it for you (packing fees apply).
4. Wardrobe boxes are handy to keep your clothes neat and clean, ask our movers in advance to provide them free of charge the day of your move. 
5. Make sure everything is completely packed before our movers show up, this allows for a quick, efficient, and organized move
(Our movers can definitely pack for you, but it'll take time and will come with a packing fee). 
6. Any perishable items in the refrigerator should be packed last so that it stays cooler longer and is the first to be transported out at your new site.
Good luck!
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